More than just a store

The Mercantile

at West Branch Farms 180 West Kennebec Road, Machias, ME

The Mercantile store is your hub celebrating local craftsmanship and the beauty of Maine. Our store proudly showcases products grown right here on the farm, alongside the creations of talented local artisans. 

Maine artisans we call neighbors

Shop Local Goods and Gifts

Discover unique treasures reflecting our Maine’s creativity at the Mercantile.
Explore handcrafted pottery, woven textiles, and woodwork, each piece crafted by local Maine artisans. Whether you’re hunting for a special gift or a rustic addition to your home, you’ll find curated handcrafted goods around every corner.

Shop Farm-to-Table at the Mercantile

Stop in for a delicious adventure filled with the freshest farm-to-table goodies!
Fill your basked with farm-fresh produce, crusty artisan bread, and jars of flavor-packed jams straight from our shelves. And, if you’re on the hunt for a quick snack or your next meal, the Mercantile’s got you covered with an irresistible selection of grab-and-go delights.


Short on time? No problem! Our grab-and-go selection is filled with delicious options to fuel your adventures. From hearty sandwiches  to crisp salads bursting with flavor, each item is carefully prepared for maximum convenience and taste. Whether you’re heading out for a hike or simply need a quick bite on the go, our grab-and-go items are the perfect solution. 

Farm-Fresh Produce

From crisp lettuce to plump tomatoes, our farm-fresh produce is a feast for the senses. Grown with care and harvested at the peak of ripeness, each vegetable is bursting with flavor and nutrients. Fill your basket with an array of vibrant colors and flavors, knowing that you’re supporting local farmers and savoring the best that nature has to offer. 

Homemade Jams

Get ready to savor the goodness of our farm-fresh jams! From juicy strawberry preserves to zesty blueberry compote, each jar is bursting with flavor. Whether you’re spreading it on freshly baked bread or topping off warm scones, our homemade jams add that extra touch of farm-fresh deliciousness to every bite.

Artisanal Breads

Enjoy the simple pleasures with our artisanal breads! With crisp crusts and airy insides, each loaf is freshly baked with care using local ingredients and time-tested methods. Whether you prefer hearty whole grain or rustic sourdough, experience the pure delight of freshly baked bread straight from the farm.

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