How late can the festivities go?

In order to be respectful of our neighbors we ask that all music be turned off by 10:00PM. Sound carries across the water so we also ask that at this point most everyone moves in-doors in order to keep the noise to a minimum. You are more than welcome to keep the party going later sans speakers and outdoor festivities.

Do I need my own day-of wedding planner?

While we STRONGLY recommend that you do, it is not required to book with us. Our on-site coordinator will be available to help with vendor management and to ensure that all things venue are good-to-go. Having your own wedding planner makes the process much smoother and they handle things like your day-of schedule, timing, and making sure everyone knows where they should be and when they should be there. If you have anymore questions about the difference between our on-site coordinator and a wedding planner please reach out via our contact page.

Can we stay on the property?

 Coming Fall 2023: We have plans to build on-site casitas and wedding day suites for guests!

Will there be other events the day of mine?

It’s possible! We have a fully operating farm on the same property that includes the Coffee+Crisp Cafe and we are building a retail space, known as The Mercantile. However, due to the size of the property you will still be able to have an intimate experience.

What is grown on the farm?

Our main crop is blueberries, but we also grow many other seasonal items!

What is there to do?

When you come to West Branch Farms you can visit the goats and chickens, eat lunch at Coffee+Crisp Cafe, and wander among the blueberry fields.