Welcome to West Branch Farms in Machias Maine

Coastal Charm and Downeast Hospitality

Offering farm-to-table dining, cozy stays, and unforgettable events

Our farm is a haven where you can gather, relax, indulge in delicious farm-to-table cuisine, shop for unique treasures, and connect with nature through hands-on activities. Whether you’re planning a special occasion, seeking a weekend getaway, or simply craving a taste of authentic Maine living, West Branch Farms has something special in store for you.


West Branch Farms

Welcome to West Branch Farms, where each experience is meticulously crafted by our dedicated team. Founded by Maine residents Chris and Sue Meroff, who discovered their love for Machias during their vacations over 25 years ago, West Branch Farms is a labor of love dedicated to meeting the needs of our community and guests. From family-friendly activities to unparalleled wedding experiences, we’re committed to delivering exceptional service and creating memories that endure a lifetime. Come join us and uncover the warmth, hospitality, and joy that define the West Branch Farms experience.

Unforgettable Experiences

Explore All That West Branch Farms Has to Offer

At West Branch Farms, every visit promises a journey filled with warmth, hospitality, and discovery. Whether you’re planning the event of a lifetime, seeking an exquisite dining experience, a cozy stay surrounded by nature, or a chance to shop for unique treasures, we invite you to explore the diverse array of services and experiences that await you. 

Events: From I Do's to Team Building

From local gatherings to upscale weddings and retreats, Foss Point Event Center offers something for every occasion.


Whether attending a community event or planning a high-end celebration, West Branch Farms provides a stunning backdrop and exceptional service you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Dine: Farm to Table Deliciousness

Come on over to Coffee and Crisp Cafe for a cozy atmosphere and amazing local eats. Our menu features fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared with care that will make your taste buds sing.


Looking ahead: The Public House, an elevated pub experience, will open in Summer 2024


This cozy yet elegant space will bring together friends and families over craft beers and gourmet dishes, fostering community and connection.

Shop: The Mercantile

The Mercantile farm store is your ultimate destination for farm-fresh products, locally sourced produce, and handcrafted treasures from artisans in our community.


But it’s more than just a store – it’s the heart of our farm, serving as the front office for all things farm-related, from pick-your-own adventures to kayak rentals and beyond.

Stay: Unplug and Unwind

Nestled in coastal woods near Machias, our 12 cozy yet immaculate Hackmatack cottages serve as the perfect base camp to explore Downeast Maine while enjoying all that West Branch Farms has to offer.


Stay tuned for exciting additions, including an RV park, a boutique-style hotel near the event center, and riverside yurt camping. Your perfect stay at West Branch Farms is on the horizon!

Farm Experience: Connect with Nature

Come and embrace the rustic charm of West Branch Farms! Dive into immersive experiences like hand-picking fresh blueberries or harvesting from our gardens. Meet our friendly animals, including baby goats and cows, eager to greet you and share in the adventure.


Whether you’re here to celebrate a special occasion, educate young minds about farming, or simply enjoy a leisurely day outdoors, our farm experiences are designed to foster a deep connection with nature and offer a refreshing break from the digital world.

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